Software Based Automated Testing - Trimble

The Trimble Sustainment Engineering Inc. engineering staff has been called upon to support development efforts that do not require the creation of  a dedicated hardware test fixture, typically requiring the ability to control several pieces of test equipment in addition to the item under test.  It is not uncommon to mix test equipment that spans generations, presenting the test engineering staff with multiple different communications interfaces.

TSE engineers have the ability to bring multiple devices with multiple interfaces under the control of one custom software solution – basically, as long as the test equipment allows for remote control it can be incorporated into an automated test procedure.

Interfaces used include (but are not limited to):

Test Automation eliminates the most common issues with manual testing:  operator error, time consuming, repetitive, and resource intensive.  It has been found that test engineers, once they have been running the same test over and over again, make simple mistakes configuring systems or with data collection, often leading to unnecessary time spent troubleshooting non-issues, a process that is very costly in terms of both time and schedule, tying up subject-matter experts and highly paid engineers.  A properly created script can be run by technicians or, if the system allows, simply set to run overnight with no engineers required to support saving both time and money.


Stop dealing with costly repetition, human error, and mind-numbingly bored engineers and technicians.  Bring us your test plan, what’s required and what test equipment is available and we’ll put together a solution that will have your staff back to doing what they do best  – making you money.