Test Fixtures (Legacy Replacement) - Trimble

While the sustainment of aging legacy systems becomes more and more of a challenge, it is important to note that the specialized test fixtures used to keep them running can become unsustainable as well. Add to this the fact that these fixtures are typically single units with no spares or back-ups and you are presented with a greater maintenance issue. Also, due to the item-specific nature of these fixtures, it is not uncommon for spares (or spare assemblies) to be unavailable, requiring man-hours to not only locate parts but also to perform repairs on these devices prior to performing any testing.

These Legacy test fixtures are typically manually driven, requiring a dedicated technician to run the procedures which is time consuming and can be error-prone. While not every test fixture replacement will lend itself to 100% automation, the test can be scripted to allow for data collection.

There’s not much that we enjoy more than taking an old test fixture (typically the pinnacle of 1970′s technology) and remaking it from the ground up, adding new features that make testing faster, easier and cheaper. Bring us your dinosaurs (gently, of course – it’s old) and let us make a solution that will shock and amaze. Well, failing that, at the very least a solution that will ensure you’re able to test for many more years.