TTL Generator - Legacy Replacement - Trimble


This device was designed as a drop-in replacement for legacy TTL Generators that are remotely commanded and controlled where software modification (and the subsequent validation of changes) has been deemed too costly or time-consuming. Our Generator is designed to communicate via GPIB, using the same legacy GPIB commands as the original. This device may be programmed to emulate many legacy TTL generators and can support replacing most any device that falls within the following specifications:

Output Level: TTL
Output Imp.: 50 Ohm
Freq. Range: 1Hz to 12MHz

OPT01: External 10MHz Clock Input
OPT02: Dual GPIB Address Switch
OPT03: Front and Rear Outputs

Currently, the TTL Generator can be pre-programmed to emulate the following:
Wavetek, Model 23

A complete unit consists of:
1 ea. TTL Generator
1 ea. Power Cord
1 ea. Operations and Maintenance Manual
1 ea. One year, 100% warranty (contact Trimble for details)


Made in USA