PS-1001A Portable Power Meter


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Product Details

The PS-1001A Portable Power Meter was designed as small, rugged, lightweight alternative to traditional bench-type power meters for use in the field in support of RADAR and SATCOM efforts. With wide frequency and power input ranges, it is an excellent solution for performing quick insertion loss measurements as well as quick power checks without the need to plug in bulky and cumbersome test equipment. Plus, with an overall length of under 5 inches and weight of only 6.5 ounces, it is a highly portable solution that can easily fit in your pocket.

Input Range
Designed for the RADAR and SATCOM sectors, the input frequency is 400MHz to 4GHz with an input power range of -50 to +7dBm.

Although the sensor only has one button for all functions, it is surprisingly simple to use. Pressing the button once turns the unit on, pressing it again enables “relative” mode, and another press disables “relative”. Pressing and holding the button turns the sensor off. Simple…but powerful.

The sensor is roughly 1″ wide by 1″ tall by 5″ long, weighing a mere 6.5 ounces. Each sensor comes with a MOLLE-compatible case that can be easily attached to a belt or another MOLLE-compatible carrier.

The case halves are milled from solid aluminum billets which are chemically filmed to resist corrosion and then powder coated a high visibility red (with texture).

Signal Generator
A fixed power signal generator is available (prototype shown) to assist with insertion loss measurements, etc. The unit uses a single button to move between preset frequencies, making testing quick and painless. The final design will be powder coated a high visibility color with texture and silkscreen markings.