AN/GTM-3B Test Set - Trimble

NSN 6625-01-599-3857       

MSRP $10,197.00  


The AN/GTM-3B Cable Test Set was designed as an easy-to-use replacement for the legacy AN/GTM-3 Test Set that adds additional features not previously available, such as displaying the measured values for both the continuity and insulation resistance tests. LED’s displaying the wire / pair under test are maintained, updated to bi-color RED/GREEN to indicate PASS / FAIL as well. While recommended that the battery be charged with the unit set aside initially, the Test Unit is designed to charge the battery whenever external power is applied, including an automatic “top-off” mode. The rugged LCD display provides the user with feedback not available on the previous version of the Test Unit.

Consisting of:

1 ea. Transit Case
1 ea. Test Unit
1 ea. Test Plug*
1 ea. Branched Cable*
1 ea. Power Cable
1 ea. Battery Pack, Ni-MH
1 ea. Hex Wrench (for Battery Box Cover)
1 ea. Operator Manual

* These items may be used on the legacy AN/GTM-3 Test Set as well as the AN/GTM-3B.


cable tester Made in USA

Download the manuals here:

Operations and Maintenance Manual REVA

Installation and Use Manual REVA

Quick Reference Card REVA