EM1001A High Resistance Meter

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MSRP: $7,900*


Product Details

Trimble Sustainment (TSE) was tasked with the creation of a High Resistance Test Set, using our existing testers as a foundation and extending the measurement range, with operator safety as the primary concern.  With all of these things in mind, TSE is proud to offer the EM1001A High Resistance Meter.


The EM1001A was designed with the safety of the end-user always in mind, from the non-conductive powder coated faceplate, the safety banana jacks that eliminate accidental contact, to the digital controls that completely isolate the front panel from the high voltage components.  The outer assembly is a ruggedized plastic Pelican case, ensuring that the operator cannot be accidentally shocked should the output voltage somehow be tied to the case.

Meter Specifications:

  • Test Voltages:  10VDC to 1100VDC in selectable increments, Accuracy +/-1% of setting
  • Short Circuit Current Limit:  10mA
  • Resistance Measurement Range:  100k to 200TOhms
  • Resistance Accuracy: (Resistance = Test Voltage x 1000 Ohms)

    • 50k to 500MOhms:  +/-2%
    • 500M to 200TOhms:  +/-3%
  • Battery:  None

EM1001A MegOhmMeter Specifications Sheet

EM1001A_quick_ref_REVA Quick Reference Manual

*Government Customers please contact us for pricing

Component List

1 ea. High Resistance Meter
1 ea. Power Cord
1 ea. Operations and Maintenance Manual
1 ea. One year, 100% warranty (contact us for details)